Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Challening the theories on human sexuality

The role of a girl in a relationship is quite hard to deal with when we are told that men aren't naturally monogamous because of their "animalistic instinct." There's this notion that men hold more power over the genetic makeup of the next generations because nature assigns their bodies to "spread their seed." This is a convenient reason to justify male's incessant thoughts about having sex with as much females as he can in his lifetime.

Consider the fact that men can try "spreading his seed" as much as he wants, but it's ultimately up to women to decide who to have sex with (unless he rapes her). So why are men's desires mostly attributed to sexual instinct while women are seen as promiscuous if she seeks to engage in intercourse as much as a man does? Women's bodies play a more active role in reproduction, and it only needs help of the sperm to continue on its business to become pregnant. To achieve this, women need to be in "heat" to continue on reproducing. People forget women's duty--not just simply lying there with their legs open--to become involved in the process of conceiving (hello, ovulation?). Maybe if women weren't raised by society to suppress their sexual appetite while men are encouraged to indulge or excused for indulging because it's only "natural" for them, we'd see that both genders possess the instinctual need to multiply at the same extent as each other. It's only natural for women to exhibit active sexual urges; it does not mean she's a nymphomaniac. I'm tired of the whole "well, he's a man" excuse when men cheat. Men admit that they are stupid and brainless sex machines. Men need to give their gender more credit and take into account that men as a whole have evolved.